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School Policies

2016 Campus Crime_Data RP 2015-16.pdf
2016 Crime_Data RP 2015.pdf
2016 Crime_Data_2014_Rpt.pdf
2016 MLI Academic Freedom Policy.pdf
2016 MLI Biennial Drug Alch Policy Review.pdf
2016 MLI Campus Security and Clery Act Reporting Policies rev 11 2014.pdf
2016 MLI Clock Hour Academic Yr Policy.pdf
2016 MLI Constitution Day Policy.pdf
2016 MLI Copyright Safeguard Policy.pdf
2016 MLI Criteria_for_Determining_Fin_Aid_Awards.pdf
2016 MLI Dependency Override Policy.pdf
2016 MLI Emergency Action Plan for Active Shooter.pdf
2016 MLI FERPA Policy.pdf
2016 MLI Financial Aid Office Structure and Responsibilities.pdf
2016 MLI Grievance Policy 2017 ver.pdf
2016 MLI IPEDS Policy.pdf
2016 MLI Job Openings at MLI.pdf
2016 MLI List of Types of Financial Aid Available at MLI.pdf
2016 MLI Loan_Code_of_Conduct.pdf
2016 MLI Minutes of Biannual Drug Alch Policy Review 2013.pdf
2016 MLI Minutes of Biannual Drug Alch Policy Review 2015.pdf
2016 MLI Minutes of Biannual Drug-Alco Policy Review 122413.pdf
2016 MLI Minutes of Biannual Drug-Alco Policy Review 2011.pdf
2016 MLI New Rego Park Make-up Policy.pdf
2016 MLI Policy on Admissions and Recruitment Incentives and Compensation.pdf
2016 MLI Policy on Availability of Employees to Disseminate Information.pdf
2016 MLI Policy on Disability Services.pdf
2016 MLI Policy on Misrepresentation.pdf
2016 MLI Policy on Repeating Coursework.pdf
2016 MLI Policy to Safeguard Student Information.pdf
2016 MLI Professional Judgment Policy.pdf
2016 MLI R2T4 & Credit Balance Policy.pdf
2016 MLI Rights and Responsibilities of Students Receiving Financial Aid at MLI.pdf
2016 MLI School Catalog Text 2016.pdf
2016 MLI Student Aid Packaging Policy.pdf
2016 MLI Student Loan Policies, Counseling and Disclosures.pdf
2016 MLI Title IV Verification Procedures.pdf
2016 MLI Vaccination_Policy.pdf
2016 MLI Verification Procedures_IRS_Codes.pdf
2016 MLI Voter_Registration_Policy.pdf
2016 WmD Ford Federal Direct Loan T&C.pdf
2018 MLI Crime_Data_2016_Rpt.pdf
2018 MLI Crime_Data_2017_Rpt.pdf
2017 Metropolitan Learning Institute Annual Security and Fire Safety Report.pdf
2018 Crime_Data_Rpt.pdf
2019 MLI School Catalog.pdf