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Our Instructors

  • New York Instructors


    Metropolitan Learning Institute has a faculty teaching cadre licensed by the New York State Education Department. Faculty members’ names, degrees and institutions are given as follows:


    Faculty .                              Degree/Year .                                              Institution Graduated From.


    Alap, Florante                  B.S. Education, 1971                                Arellano University, Philippines


    Bultman, Zachary            B.S. Business Administration, 2011            San Diego State University


    Carapostol, Ana              M.S. Modern Languages, 2010                  University of Mississippi


    Chen, Corinna                  B.S. Computer Science, 2001                    Touro College


    Chowdhury, Dilruba R.    DCH, Pediatrics, 1991                             Bangladesh Inst. of Child Health


    Chowdhury, Kibria          B.A. Liberal Arts, 1985                            Dhaka University, Bangladesh


    Cyrille, Judith                     B.A. Computer Science, 1990                   Queens College/CUNY


    Fuzaylov, Rafael                  M.A. Economics, 1981                            Tashkent Inst. of Economics, Uzbekistan


    Gelerman, Mark                M.A. English Education, 1993                Odessa Regional Institute, Ukraine


    Haq, Shabbudin                  MBBS, 1978                                          Dhaka University, Bangladesh


    Hassan, Masudul              M.D. Cardiology, 1982                            King’s College Hospital, London, UK


    Khan, MD                           M.A. Public Health, 2003                         BSMM University, Dhaka, Bangladesh


    Leacy, Miles                      B.S. Business/Finance, 1985                     College of Staten Island/CUNY


    Marcus, Melvin               B.S. Management Info Science, 1997          Syracuse University


    Noel, Marjory                    B.A. Psychology, 1998                            Baruch College/CUNY


    Noory, Ramatullah          B.B.A Computer Information Sys., 1993     Baruch College/CUNY


    Pacina, Florence              B.S. Business Administration, 1976                       Univ. of San Carlos, Philippines


    Peng, Yu Yi                       B.B.A. Business Administration, 2010       Baruch College/CUNY


    Pira, Mine                         B.A. English Lang/Lit., 1987                    University of Tirana (Albania)


    Raneses, Trinidad            B.S. Business Administration, 1980                       University of the East, Philippines


    Surkina, Helen                B.A. English, 1976                                 Azerbaijan Inst. of Foreign Languages


  • Administrative and Support Staff


    Dr. Boris Davidoff, CEO/CFO                                               Mr. Vladimir Katz, Secretary

    Mrs. Olga Davidoff, VP/Director                                          Mr. James Bruce, Director

    Dr. Ronald Harmon, Director                                               Mr. Dabakar Bhowmick, Director



    Dr. Boris Davidoff, Ph.D.

    President and Chief Executive Officer / CFO


    James Bruce

    Campus Director, Rego Park Main Campus, NY

    Ronald Harmon, Ph.D.

    Campus Director, Jackson Heights Ext. Campus, NY

    Olga Davidoff

    Dabakar Bhowmick

    Associate Director, Rego Park Main Campus, NY

    Campus Director, Brooklyn Ext. Campus, NY

    Masudul Hassan, M.D.

    Medical Programs Manager

    Ash Mourad

    Financial Aid Director*, Rego Park Campus, NY


    Fatema Khan

    Office Manager, Rego Park Main Campus, NY

    Fin’l Aid Representative *, Jackson Hts. Ext. Campus, NY

    Ash Mourad


    Yomaira Estrada

    Office Manager/ Fin’l Aid Representative*JH Campus

    Fin’l Aid Representative*, Brooklyn Ext. Campus, NY

    Bursar Officer*, Rego Park Main Campus, NY


    Krzysztof Czarnik


    Network Administrator, Jackson Heights Ext. Campus, NY

    Network Administrator, Rego Park Main Campus, NY

    Network Administrator, Brooklyn Ext. Campus, NY