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Transfer Students

Program Transfers


Efforts are made to direct each student to the program of study best suited to their individual goals and abilities.  However, a student may request a transfer.  Students are required to apply in writing to their Campus Director for a program change.  Both the Financial Aid Officer and the Campus Director must approve program transfers.  Program transfers may have a substantial impact on financing.  Students may be assessed additional charges for a program transfer.


Students wishing to transfer to a new program must complete a new enrollment agreement and will be charged the prevailing tuition rate for newly selected program.


Internal Transfer Credit:


At the written request of a previously enrolled student, the school will take under consideration the transfer of credit (hours) from previously completed courses at Metropolitan Learning Institute toward a new program of study if the prior course work was successfully completed with a minimum grade of C, and is relevant in content and instructional hours to that in the new program.


If an applicant’s transfer request is granted, the applicant’s enrollment agreement for the new program will be changed to reflect the total number of hours required, and the tuition and fees will be adjusted so that the applicant will pay a proportional cost in relation to the number of instructional hours to be completed.


Hours Transferred from Other Institutions

If an applicant submits a written request, and fulfills certain other conditions, Metropolitan Learning Institute will undertake to consider the transfer of instructional hours from courses or curriculum taken at other post-secondary schools that are accredited and/or licensed or registered by New York State or national accrediting organizations.


This option will be considered only if the courses have the same content and instructional hours, and were passed with a minimum grade specified in each program standard.  For Metropolitan Learning Institute to make a decision concerning the acceptance of the transfer of hours from another school, an applicant must have an official transcript sent to the Metropolitan Learning Institute Admissions Office from the other school, and submit a copy of the previous school’s outline of the course content (from the school’s catalog).


If an applicant’s transfer request is accepted by Metropolitan Learning Institute, the applicant’s enrollment agreement will be changed to indicate the total number of hours required of the applicant, and the tuition and fees will be adjusted so that the applicant will pay a proportional cost related to the number of instructional hours to be completed.